The installation steps and maintain skills for different types bathroom sink faucets

In our daily life, bathroom sink faucets will be broken or leaking sometimes. Then we need to repair it, the best way is to find a professional worker to repair, but in that way we should spend a lot. So I collect some skills for repairing bathroom faucet.

The repair steps:

Find the broken reason for repairing–prepare tools–close the master switch–repair or change faucet–re-install the faucet–open the water switch–clean the faucet

bathroom sink faucets

Common questions and repairing skills for bathroom sink faucets

1.Reducing outlet without sparkling
Cause: bubbler has dirt
Method: remove the faucet then clean the bubbler

2.Small outlet for shower
Cause: pressure is too low or shower spout has dirt
Method: remove the shower spout to clean the rubber gasket and top shower

3.Noise in the faucet body
Cause: too high pressure; close the handle too quickly; don’t fix the water hose well; has dirt in the inlet hose
Method: To reduce pressure and avoid snap shut again leading construction, clean the pipe, check the inspection pipes and connections objects (such as water purifiers, water heaters).

4. Difficult temperature control and fluctuating water temperature
Cause: difference pressure between hot and cold water is too large, or the water heater to increase temperature for too long