Bidet Faucets and the various kinds

What are the advantages of a bidet faucet?

Bidet faucets allow you to clean yourself without having a complete shower or a complete full tub bath. They are also known to be an excellent accessory for foot bath. Adding a bidet to the bathroom helps to make the bathroom look nice and remodeled along with efficiency. If you are planning to install a bidet in your bathroom, there are certain things that need to be kept into consideration.

Choosing bidet faucets

The best and most popular style of bidet faucets is plumbed with a single mixer water tap or a faucet. This helps in easier washing as well. A spray nozzle is not a bad combination with a faucet. These styles are available in various kinds of finishes .You should choose a faucet that matches with your bathroom style and is functional as well. The best quality bidet faucet used hot water as well as cold water to access the water lines. The bidet faucets should also have enough leg room for the person to sit comfortably.

Antique Brass Bidet Faucets

Different types of bidet faucets

There are two kinds of bidets. They are over rim supply and through rim supply. The over rim supply is always easier to install. They are made of bone china or porcelain and can hold great amount of water in the basin as well. Some models have sprayers as well as luxurious spouts in the bidet faucets which can sprinkle great deal of water from different directions. Some models also comprise of heated dryers.